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Tenerife Luxury Property Management - More then 28 years of experience on Tenerife

This is the website space where the company staff pose in a suit and all the university titles, education and qualifications are listed – hoping that this great artificial-suit-pose- photos and qualifications will convince you to hire their services. We at “Tenerife Luxury Property Management” certainly have suits and university titles, but we do not consider that posing in suits and listing titles will convince you to rely on us and to choose us as your trustworthy property manager. Back in the remote year 1971, our family decided to spend the Christmas holidays on the island of Tenerife. After the 5 hours flight landing on the north airport, as Tenerife South was still not existing, we had to take the bus for a drive of another 3 hours on the state road T28 with all his scenic curves, as the highway TF1 was still not existing… Finally, we came to the municipality of Adeje, where there were some very few hotels, 5 – 6 restaurants and in between all of them, bananas. To our big surprise, we won the main price on the Christmas raffle – a family holiday for Christmas 1972.. We have to recognize that it was not the very big love at first sight, but during our second visit we felt so hardly in love with Adeje, that we decided to buy a house… For some years Tenerife was our second home, but in 1987 we turned it the other way round: we decided to live full time on the island, leaving Germany as our second residence. We are proud to have been some of the first foreigners to discover the potential and beauty of South Tenerife and to invest in properties. It has been an incredible experience to be part of the sensational and dynamic development process of the last 40-50 years, to actively participate in it and to contribute to the enhancement of the potential of this paradise.

We are the Reichardt Family, and we come from an idyllic vineyard valley in the South of Germany, just 30 km from the city of Stuttgart. Due to the constantly growing infrastructure, the great tourism expansion and of course the very best climate in the world, we decided to invest in properties in Adeje, to rent and administrate them. During the years, a lot of other foreigners started to buy real estates in Adeje and asked us to take care of them. This is how we started our family run business, offering property management services in the heart of Costa Adeje by the year 1994. Internet was obviously not powerful by that time, so our clients met us by recommendation and referrals of our services. We never feel the need to have a website, but the young generation of the Reichardt family insisted we should be present in the net, so – here we are. Our children always felt blessed and fortunate to live in Costa Adeje. In order to deepen their knowledge in providing luxury services and managing and fulfilling high-end standards, they specialized some years in the very luxurious environments of Switzerland’s Saint Moritz, California’s Beverly Hills and Dubai / Arab Emirates. Nowadays they are part of our “Tenerife Luxury Property Management” -Team, guaranteeing experts management strategies and delivering outstanding results to our clients. We, the Reichardt family, are enthusiastic travelers and fine dining lovers. After having visited all those remote, beautiful and exotic places on Earth, we have no doubt that the Maldives islands have stunning beaches, no doubt that Dubai is chic and pompous, no doubt Safari in Kenya is an awesome adventure, we were impressed by the admirable culture of Japan, the glorious Canada’s mountain, the amazing nature of the Seychelles Island, and the breathtaking Bora Bora … At the same time, we learned even more to value our Tenerife Island and most especially Costa Adeje. We have no doubts that this is the very best place on Earth to live on, as the “package” it offers is unbeatable: most healthy climate in the world, friendly people, very good and constantly improving infrastructure, security, just few hours away from Europe, lovely beaches, the charming evergreen north part of Tenerife, the impactful mountain Teide, plenty of fantastic restaurants and shopping centers…Costa Adeje/Tenerife is a Paradise…

Our team is dedicated to ensure that your property is always clean, fully- functioning and maintained to your exact preferences. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, customizing every property with its unique needs, offering integral high-class services. The properties under our care will be managed to perfection, meeting the benchmarks, that you-the homeowner, desire for your particular property. Apart from the genuine care, your satisfaction and comfort, our number one priority is your privacy, intimacy and anonymity!  In the high-end property management, we are used to serving prominent people. That is the reason why in our social media we post a very few photos of our team. Our policy is to protect our team’s identity, so you – our valued clients – do not feel intimidated and feel protected as well. On our social media, you will find just very few recommendations and referrals from clients, as we respect their intimacy and do not integrate and involve them publicly. In the last 15 years “Tenerife Luxury Property Management” has been collaborating with the most know architects on Tenerife, building luxury villas on behalf of our clients, mainly at the Avenida de Macaronesia, Golf Costa Adeje, Golf Las Americas and Roque del Conde areas, taking care of the building process of the villa / apartments project, managing the administrative paper work, furnishing and decorating the houses and providing the property management once the building works were finished. After 28 years providing Property Management services and the last 15 years specializing in luxury villas and properties, our valued clients and partners consider us to be the experts in Property Management in Costa Adeje / Tenerife – we are sincerely grateful for this recognition.                                                            

You have a property on Tenerife and more specifically on the area near Costa Adeje?  We truly congratulate you for your decision to make this investment. We would love to enrich your Tenerife – lifestyle and be your personal Property Manager, your Tenerife expert you can trust and rely on, providing you the bespoken service you and your property deserve, have full peace of mind and relax-knowing that your property is in capable and caring hands no matter you reside full-time in it or visit it as your second home on vacation. 

You want to save your energy and time instead of dealing countless hours with the hassles of your property supervision?
Then benefit from having a trusted partner who will handle every aspect of your estate management and will efficiently protect the value of your real estate.

An outstanding, competent and reliable Property Manager is as valuable as investing in the property itself

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