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Tenerife Luxury Property Management - More then 28 years of experience on Tenerife

Some property owners try to save expenses by managing their own property. By the time they realize how head breaking and involving the process actually is, how stressful managing and supervising household personnel is, they might already be in a big trouble. It’s certainly possible to self-manage, but only if you know that you’re getting yourself into a not very gratifying, full of responsibilities, a time-wasting, full-time job.  That’s why hiring a professional Property Manager will better benefit your costs and definitely your health, nerves and life quality.

   With more than 28 years of experience serving high-end properties, “Tenerife Luxury Property Management” will be pleased to help you and take care of all this tasks, so you can concentrate on the really important things in life, such as your family, business, friends and hobbies. No more inconvenient worries with house staff, worrying about paperwork or negotiating with vendors: just enjoy beautiful Tenerife Lifestyle and let us organize everything for you.  

       Your confidentiality and privacy are our number one priority: your “Tenerife Luxury Property Manager” is a person you can trust and rely on, a person committed to deliver to you unparalleled service, to keep your property highly tuned all year-round. In order to maintain and improve your stunning luxury property, the Property Manager not only meets your expectations, he goes above and beyond to pleasantly surprise and impress you

We at “Tenerife Luxury Property Management” see your property not only as an investment, but as reward and symbol of the work you have done to earn this residence, so it deserves only the best. In order to preserve the luxuriousness of your property, a proper up keeping service is paramount. We understand that no two properties are the same: this is why the first step is to get to know you personally, let you show us your property and customize your property preservation plan, down to the tiniest detail according to your needs. From this moment on, you can free yourself from your responsibilities and you no longer have to worry about your household as with the highly qualified and dedicated property manager by your side, you can finally experience the luxury Tenerife lifestyle that you deserve.

      If this is your vacation home property, your Property Manager will be your eyes and ears while you are away, making sure that your property is protected, watched out by making daily visits, regular inspections of amenities, fixtures, appliances, providing the highest quality of service to ensure that you will always come back to the second home you ever dreamed of. If you reside on Tenerife full-time, our Property Manager will be your confidential person every beautiful day on this amazing island, guaranteeing you expert management services you will feel secure with.

“Tenerife Luxury Property Management” offers bespoke, made-to-measure services for clients with unique demands and is committed to provide premier full-spectrum assistance at the highest standards. Your property should be enjoyed and cherished, so our experienced, trained cleaning and housekeeping team will keep both the interior and exterior in impeccable conditions, taking the utmost care of your belongings, turning your real estate to a spotless home with shiny floors, organized drawers, and freshly laundered linen sheets. Our pool maintenance team will ensure that your swimming pool water stays immaculate and pristine the whole year-round, and our gardener staff will make sure your plants remain green – healthy and your flowers fill your luxury home with the loveliest aromas.
Furthermore, your Property Manager will take care of your safety system, key safekeeping, internet connection, regular car maintenance, transfers from and to the airport, he will coordinate any electricians, plumbers, or any other technical works and reparations to be done. He will manage as well the major reforms you wish to make in your property, choosing for you the best price – quality relation of the local suppliers and vendors. And of course: you do not need to worry anymore about all the administrative work such as payments of utilities-water/electricity/town hall taxes, house and vehicle insurances.

Your Property Manager will be pleased to attend your call and meet you personally: 

An outstanding, competent and reliable Property Manager is as valuable as investing in the property itself

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